archive imageLURCThere was a chapel in Longham in 1819 although Dissenters had been meeting in a cottage for some years before. It was to this building that 39 year old Joseph Notting came from Poole to take pastoral charge in 1835. Under his care membership rose and it was evident that a larger building was necessary. Joseph commissioned plans to be drawn up under his direction for the present building.

In April 1841 the foundation stone was laid and just eight months later on 29 December 1841 the chapel was opened for worship. The original estimate was for £1000, but the actual cost was £2919.15s.11d. It was generally believed that Longham was to become a model village and that local development would rapidly follow. The New England influence is believed to come from a member of the Kemp family in the village who had visited America and is thought to have made donations towards the cost of the building. Joseph Notting was 67 years old when he died in 1863 and he is buried in the graveyard next to his beloved chapel.

In October 1972 the Congregational Church united with the Presbyterian Church to become the United Reformed Church – the name under which we continue to witness for Christ today.